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Industrial Mask

Half Facepiece Respirators

(Half Facepiece Respirator Dual Inlets)


  • Light weight, Ergonomic design
  • Liquid silicon rubber (LSR) provides comfortable fit
  • Exhalation valve keeps pleasant air stream
    • - Minimizing exhalation resistance
    • - Quick CO2 emission
  • Easy to maintain as designed with simple separation and combination
  • Low inhalation/exhalation resistance and economical longer use time filter
  • Auto Bayonet Cartridge Filter : easy to change the filter
  • Excellent durability : high physical strength of plastic  facepiece
  • Drop-down model allows filter change without removing safety helmet
  • 젖꼭지
    Baby soother material Medical purpose liquid silicone
  • 내열
    High strength PC Material Excellent heat and chemical resistance
  • abc
    Auto Bayonet Cartridge Filter Adaptor


SF 3100
KOSHA S-grade high efficiency High Efficiency filter (Activated Carbon Layer)
Application -
Workplace with dust and mist occurrence such as toxic dust, asbestos dust, metal fumes and beryllium, adding activated carbon layer
SF 2100
KOSHA 1st grade filter (Activated Carbon Layer)
Application -
Workplace with metal fumes occurrence such as welding, metal casting, forge welding, smelting and steelmaking, adding activated carbon layer
  • Own technology for S-grade high efficiency dust collection filter
  • Long-life filter with tridimensional structure
  • Auto Bayonet Cartridge Filter Adaptor