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CNTUS-SUNGJIN is professional Health Care company that values Customer's
Culture and beauty of technology.

CNTUS-SUNGJIN possesses the technology of High Efficiency filters manufacturing, made from
MELT-BLOWN, a kind of a Micro-fiber nonwoven. Our company secures the best quality and production process from filter
media to finished goods with reasonable prices, that contributes the overall Korean market of air filters and
industrial masks growth. We not only sell our products locally but also export them abroad, which helps to prevent different
air and industrial pollutants in order to make life cleaner.

Air Filter

Industrial Mask


  • Fundamental technologies and production system for world top level High Efficiency filter

    - Proven by various big companies
    - Design for next generation products

  • Competitive Price through vertical integration

    - Vertical production chain from media to finished products
    - Overseas production factory for global competitivenes

  • Development system responding to various market demand

    - Own design technology for products and production system
    - Development capability for new products

  • Global network for global market

    - DuPont brand license partner   

  • No.1 Market share in Korea Air Cleaner Filter
    - Recognized by market in products and quality

CNTUS-SUNGJIN Provides Fundamental Technology.

We have fundamental technology for High Efficiency filter production using MELTBLOWN.

CNTUS-SUNGJIN 은 원천 기술을 제공합니다.

CNTUS-SUNGJIN Provides Preferential Technology.

We can respond to various market demands with development capability of product and production system

CNTUS-SUNGJIN 은 차별화된 기술을 제공합니다.

CNTUS-SUNGJIN 은 차별화된 기술을 제공합니다.